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Clan News

November 13th 2023

Meeting of the Clans, our Clan Chief Darren met with Simon Keegan, Ceann Fine of Tethbae Clan MacAodhagain. They spoke about all things

Clan related, as well as our respective Clan geneologies. and they even had a Guinness or two.

(Left Darren - Right Simon)

October 21st 2023

Affiliated Familes are now listed in our About Section.

July 29th 2023

Elizabeth Poole Married Christopher Norris, congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Norris, welcome to the Kin Chris!

May 23rd 2023

Our Clan Chief was honoured by the granting of Letters Patent from the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Andy Beshear. We nor

our Chief know who nominated him for the honour.

August 1st 2022

Another milestone has been achieved for our Clan Heritage on this day. Our Clan Chief has secured the legal right of use of the Feudal Lordship

of Shevington, within his home county of Lancashire, England. This feudal dignity must not be confused as a peerage, it enables our Chief to be

styled as Darren Poole, Lord of Shevington.

Although purely as a courtesy that we can extend to our Chief, we will happily refer to him as His Lordship. The badge you see below is that of Shevington Parish. You will see this badge on the front page of our website that you can click on to give you a little more information of the Lordship of Shevington.

June 24th 2022

Our Chief has put forward an idea that will hopefully turn into a long standing Clan tradition. More information on this can be viewed via a new letter from Darren, in our Letter from the Chief section.

April 9th 2022

This years Clans of Ireland Cultural Summit is upon us, although not able to attend in person, our Chief did attend via live video stream. He has

written a letter the the Clan as a result that can be found in the Message from our Chief section of the website.

8th March 2022

Darren, our Clan Chief has contracted Covid, he is said to be in high spirits, although feeling unwell, with himself describing it as feeling like a

rather bad flu. He has asked for no worry or concern. He will happy remain resting up with copious amounts of Honey and Lemon Tea.

15th January 2022

We are saddened by passing of Colin Poole, Uncle to our Clan Chief and residing in Poland with his loving Wife Gossi.

Colin held the office of Clan European Commissioner, in his honour that role will now be held by Gossi herself.

11th August 2021

She said Yes! Elizabeth Poole Niece of our Chief, has gotten engaged to Mr Chris Norris.

30th July 2021

We are delighted to announce the birth of Archie Poole, first born son to Craig Poole, Archie becoming Grandnephew to our Chief. Mother Lisa

and baby are both doing fine.

14th June 2021

We now have a temporary Crest, until such time Letters Patten may be awarded to our Chief, a circlet buckle with our Chiefs monogram seal

within. This will now appear on Clan documentation.

12th June 2021

We’ve had a slight update to our Meet our Chief page, we’ve be able to get an updated image of Darren, he’s holding the Clans Deer Horn Shepherds Crook. The Crook is a symbol of his Clan leadership. In more news, our Chief has had in his words “something commissioned”, but he’s staying very tight lipped and avoided our questions with a really good misdirection. “should be ready in a week or so…” he added.

17th April 2021

Our Clan Chief attended his second online Clans of Ireland Cultural Summit via Zoom with other member Clans, due to Covid-19 travel restrictions still being in effect. He’s very much looking forward to representing the Clan in Dublin in April 2022.

7th March 2021

We have become registered members of COSCA - Council of Scottish Clans & Associations.

9th February 2021

We have had communication sent to the Clan via Clans of Ireland, giving information on this years upcoming Cultural Summit and AGM, once again this years Summit and AGM will not be held in Dublin due to the on going Covid 19 restrictions. The Summit and AGM will again be via Zoom, our Chief attended last years Zoom Summit and AGM with other Clan delegates from their respective Clans both in Ireland and around the world, we will add that he is very much looking forward to representing Clan Poole at this years Summit.

26th May 2020

We have a Clan Tartan that has been registered with the Scottish Registry of Tartans. Reference:12842; for registration purposes the name of the tartan is Poole, Darren & Family (Personal), designed by our Clan Chief Darren Poole himself. Here henceforth the Tartan shall be referred/known as The House of Poole Tartan. Also a slight updated look on our website, you will have no doubt noticed a faded version of our tartan can be seen on the headers of our website pages. There are restictions set upon its weaving and usage of the tartan, permission must be sought to have our Clan Tartan weaved and used in any format.

4th May 2020

Keeping spirits high! Michelle Preston (bottom right) partner of our Chief, on the frontline caring for the elderly and dementia care patients at St. George’s Care Home, Wigan. Well done!

30th of September 2019

The Kin of the Clan have spoken, by majority vote via (Ad Hoc Derbhfine) ballot, our Inaugural Ceann Cath/Clan Chief and Chief of the Name has been elected, now begins a period of 10 years from this date the 30th of September 2019 for any other possible Chiefly contenders to come forward, then whereas from 30th of September 2029 Darren Andrew Poole becomes with immediate effect, our Clan Chief, Poole of Poole, Chief of the Name, without dispute. Please join us in congratulating our inaugural Ceann Cath!

5th of July 2019

Clansman Gerald Greenall (Red gloves) doing his bit to raise funds for Wigan’s Armed Forces hub. Well done Gerald.

- - -

22nd of May 2019

Darren Poole with daughters Shannon and Jessica along with partner Michelle Preston ran the Race for Life and raised just over £100.00. Well done all.

- - -

6th of May 2019

Voting is now underway to elect our first Chief and Chief of the Name of Clan Poole.

- - -

7th of March 2019 - Birth of a modern Clan

As stated this date was an important one for the newly founded Clan Poole. Nominated for Clan Chief and Chief of the Name of Clan Poole are: Irvin Poole. Darren Poole. Craig Poole (son of Paul Poole 1969-2017). Callum Poole (son of Darren Poole). All of whom are direct decendents from the Irish Mcguire, Mahoney, Clune, Ollerton, Doyle and Murphy Bloodlines. DNA testing has also shown links to Southest Scotland. Irvin, Paul and Darren, born to Richard Irvin Poole and Margaret Greenall, daughter of Catherine Mcguire, Craig and Callum being grandsons’ thereof. (Worthy note and direct Blood relation) Brian Roscoe being eldest and half brother to Irivin, Paul and Darren Poole.