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DNA Project from our Clan Chief’s Bloodline

Poole - DNA. Clan Poole are a result of the Irish diaspora (Diaspóra na nGael), referring to the ethnic Irish and their descendants who now live outside of the Island of Ireland. Our Irish ancestors settling in Lancashire, England. It’s a fascinating element to know where we come from, what we’re made of, who and where our ancestors lived. Our Irish ancestry comes from our Chief on his mothers Margaret Greenall’s side, then to her mother Catherine McGuire’s Irish bloodline, Co. Waterford, Co. Fermangh areas. Our Scottish and Welsh ancestry comes from the Poole line itself. The image you will see to the right shows the ethnicity estimate of our Chief Darren Poole, using DNA tested via There are plans in motion for a Poole Y-DNA project, which will focus solely on the Poole line, of which this section of the Clan Poole website will be updated in due course. We encourage all Clan Members to take up the call, and to join us in our DNA efforts. Our Chiefs’ DNA has been uploaded to Gedmatch, he has given permission to add his Number to our DNA section. His Gedmatch number is as follows - MM9227713. Also over on our Facebook page we now have a Clan Poole Ancestral DNA Genealogy group for people to join if they get a DNA Match on Ancestry or Gedmatch, please note that any match will be checked before you’re admitted into the group. .
(Ethnicity Estimate from our Chiefs DNA)